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Merch is now available for the new single, The Laws of Nature! Get it now at Teespring , and more!

9 thoughts on “The Laws Of Nature Merch!

  1. Hi ,I saw you guys do train kept a Rollin and you were brilliant ,you made me want to go out and buy another guitar ,train kept a Rollin was one of the first songs I learned to play ,keep up the good work girls !

  2. Stephen Lawson says:

    I absolutely love you two girls. I have recently discovered you on Youtube and I am now a huge fan of you both. Audrey, you are such a beautiful soul with talent beyond your years. Kate, you make me laugh with tears, you are a natural comic together with your loving sister you are a dynamic duo, a force to be reckoned with. I see a big future for you both.

    Stay strong stay true to your passions and never give up!

    I love you both.

  3. Dayna Holgate says:

    You girls have inspired me to play Rocksmith and I love your orginal music my favourite Youtubers!!! You girls rock!!! I’m also a bit older than Audrey and I’ve never seen girls like her in our generation!!! Your both cool and I’ve also downloaded your songs on ITunes! Keep rocking!!!

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