Buy Audrey and Kate Artwork!

If you have seen Audrey and Kate’s drawings on YouTube, then maybe you thought you would like to buy one of those artworks? Well now you can! We have an Etsy store open now and you can check there for when we will post more artwork. We will send out tweets to let people know when the next batch is up for sale! Thank you so much for all the support so far!

Check us out on Etsy!

1 thought on “Etsy Shop is Open!

  1. I am 34 from U.S. and just want to say your channel is AWESOME! I really hope you both stay dedicated to the music and have fun at the same time. My younger brother and I also played together and it helped develop our individual styles while remaining friendly competitive to be better. Just saying that I’d feel proud to have daughters like yourselves ^^

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