We are streaming live on youtube!

Just wanted to let you guys know that we have started to do some live streaming on YouTube! Audrey works on her artwork, makes new songs with Kate, and the two have even done a couple of shows playing Rocksmith! Check out our twitter for updates of when we will be live. We do want to make a schedule but for now Kate is on Spring Vacation and so we will do some things at random times!


Join Us On Discord!

Just a reminder that we do a live stream on Twitch two times a week.

Wednesday 10AM – Practice show with Audrey

Sunday 10AM – Request show with Audrey and Kate

Both shows are listed at Tokyo time.

If you are checking us out on Twitch then make sure to join us on Discord too!


Buy Audrey and Kate Artwork!

If you have seen Audrey and Kate’s drawings on YouTube, then maybe you thought you would like to buy one of those artworks? Well now you can! We have an Etsy store open now and you can check there for when we will post more artwork. We will send out tweets to let people know when the next batch is up for sale! Thank you so much for all the support so far!

Check us out on Etsy!