Audrey and Kate

Audrey and Kate are a dynamic duo. They learned their instruments through Rocksmith – a video game where you use a real guitar and bass to learn, available for PS4, Xbox, and PC/Mac



Overall Views = 14 million+

Subscribers = 85,000+

TV Appearances

  • Appeared on TV as Rocksmith Virtuoso on Disney XD – Gaming Show: My Parents’ Garage Episode 8. 
  • Konya Kurabetemimashita) appearance in Japan (Nippon TV- National Broadcast)
  • Fukaii Hanashi (Nippon TV- National Broadcast)
  • TBS News Caster (National Broadcast)
  • The future of kids (TOKYO TV)
  • Mezamashi TV (Fuji TV – National Broadcast)
  • School Revolution (Nipont TV- National Broadcast)
  • KTN  Yojimaru (Nagasaki TV)



  • Google Chromecast Japan Ad/Commercial
  • Ubisoft Rocksmith Ad Audrey’s Success Story – WATCH HERE!



  • UBISOFT SF ROCKSMITH 2014 Audrey & Kate Live Stream – WATCH HERE!
  • UBISOFT SF Audrey & Kate Special Live Stream – WATCH HERE!


“Add to the insane musical talent on display at such a young age the hilarious backup vocal antics bonus by a younger sister named Kate, and there are way too many things to love about this candidly cute moment. Rock on, Audrey and Kate!”

“Note the unbridled joy in Audrey’s face as her little sister screams, ferociously, into a swimming pool noodle. This is metal in its rawest form.”

“Audrey (guitar) displays some nimble fretwork, handling the contorted riffing with apparent ease. Meanwhile, her sister, Kate, challenges the ferocity of Tom Araya‘s delivery with a more extreme barking approach, using a yellow pool noodle as her microphone.”

“Check out that finger vibrato!”


Buck Dharma

“Sisters doing sisterly things is pretty metal – especially when that sisterly thing is recording an awesome guitar and vocal cover of the Judas Priest classic “Painkiller.””

“The newest entries in the “Slayer for Kiddies” category are Audrey and Kate, who perform a killer guitar-bass-and vocal cover of “Raining Blood,” as can be seen above.”

Audrey and Kate

Japanese resume